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Lemon Juice Slimming Capsules

Lemon Juice Slimming Capsules


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The ORIGINAL Lemon Juice Diet has been described as the world’s most effective fat killer because of its fat-dissolving and fat-absorbent abilities. Doctors and natural healers have recommended this for years to achieve the successful removal of stored fat and to ‘deslag’ the body. Until recently this super strength fat killer never caught on because the sour taste of lemons prevented its use as a slimming diet over a longer period of time.

Now, scientists have succeeded in isolating all the fat-destroying active substances of the legendary Lemon Juice Diet and have developed them into an incredibly convenient slimming capsule that destroys all excess fat at top speed making it...the perfect way to lose weight fast and 3 times more powerful.

90 capsules / nett weight 46.71g

In the past The Lemon Juice Diet was very hard to follow. You needed to buy lots of exotic herb mixtures and it had an incredibly sour and bitter taste. Now, all the lemons and herbs are concentrated in this new super capsule.

What’s more, each Lemon Juice Diet Slimming Capsule contains approximately three times the concentration of slimming active agents of a normal Lemon Juice Diet – and it’s completely tasteless!


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