Back Nodger Self Massaging Tool

Back Nodger Self Massaging Tool

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The Back Nodger is an easy to use deep tissue self-massager that instantly releases tense knots in all the places you can’t get to with your own hands.

It is endorsed by clinical lecturers, top back pain experts and used by physiotherapists in some of London’s leading clinics.

It works by helping you to apply precise deep pressure into tense trigger-points (muscle knots) in your own shoulders, neck or back to loosen them on the go, in much the same way you’d expect from a masseur’s hand.

Back Nodger is perfect for anyone who finds they get muscle tension from doing everyday activities like a spot of exercise, sitting at a desk or running around after the kids.

Back Nodger – Nodge Your Knots!

(Warning: Nodging your knots can quickly become addictive!)

Product weight: 293g
Dimensions: 41cm x 19.5cm
Materials: Reinforced steel & ABS plastic


  • Deep tissue & muscle therapy to relieve muscle tightness, knots, tension and stiffness
  • Release trigger-points
  • 2 Nodge Head Massage Points to reach knots right across the body
  • Reinforced steel handle tested to 75Kg direct pressure
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Foam Handle for more control

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