Arganic Beauty Oil 100ml

Arganic Beauty Oil 100ml


Arganics cosmetic grade argan oil is an incredibly versatile, anti-oxidant rich ingredient with cell repairing properties. Made from cold-pressed raw argan kernels. Use as a moisturizer, hair mask, anti-ageing serum, weekly face mask, after-sun lotion or a beard oil.

Fantastic for treatment of skin conditions such as Eczema, Acne, Stretch Marks, and Psoriasis. Safe for use on babies. We are partnered with farmers Sidi Yassine in Morocco and together we ensure every stage of production is monitored carefully.

We are even able to trace your bottle back to the tree it came from. We set out to be the best, not the biggest and we are proud to supply a product that not only benefits our customers' health but also the livelihood of the Berber people and the protection of a UNESCO protected tree.

  •     100% Pure Argan Oil
  •     Certified Organic
  •     Single Origin Cold-Pressed Oil
  •     Safe for Babies, Pregnant Mothers and Children
  •     As featured in The Telegraph, Financial Times Weekend, Evening Standard, The Times, Vogue and Stylist

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