DLUX1000 Daily Oral Vitamin D Spray, Value 3 Pack

DLUX1000 Daily Oral Vitamin D Spray, Value 3 Pack


This offer represents a 28% saving on a single purchase

Delivers 1000iu of vitamin D with every spray.

Vitamin D is quickly becoming known as our most important vitamin and is essential for strong teeth and bones and important for a healthy immune system.  DLUX is the fastest way to increase vitamin D levels.

All the ingredients are 100% natural.  Provides a guaranteed 1000iu per single measured spray. This has been formulated as an ambient spray and does not require refrigeration.

VOTED best VMS product for 2012 by CAM magazine readers and VOTED Best innovative supplement 2011 by Janey Lee Grace
British Made. Suitable for vegetarians

Includes: 3 x 15 ml bottles

The source of vitamin D3 is Lanolin. This has been sourced from the wool of sheep living in Australia.

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