Energy Saving SAD Bulbs - Pack of 2 Bayonet Bulbs

Energy Saving SAD Bulbs - Pack of 2 Bayonet Bulbs


Energy Saving Spiral 30W Daylight BC (160 Watt Alternative) - Bayonet Fit

This market leading bulb is able to achieve a 150W equivalence from just 30W. This bulb also has many other advantages over standard Incandescent lamps, not least because it gives off light levels which are equivalent to that of a summers day sun.

Some of these advantages and unique selling points include:

  • Can help alleviate the symptoms of health problems caused by low winter light levels
  • Ideal substitute for Incandescent light bulbs
  • High luminous maintenance: 80% lumen at 8,000 hours
  • 6500K (Daylight)
  • 220-240V
  • Unique Spiral Shape
  • 30W High intensity CFL Replaces Incandescent GLS light bulbs
  • 8,000 hours life low energy consumption

Energy Savings
Potential saving for 1 bulb over its manufacturers predicted life: £115.20
Assuming electricity is charged at 12p per kWh rate (most electricity companies charge approx. 12p per kWh).

Included: Two BAYONET bulbs per pack.

Technical Specifications
for Energy Saving Spiral 30W Daylight BC (160 Watt Alternative)

22mm Ba22d/BC
Lumens:    1500 lm
Cap/Base Type:    Bayonet                                          
Pro Lite 
Colour:    Daylight (860/865)                                        
Manufacturers Average Lamp Life:    8000hrs 
Colour:    Temp 6500 K                                               
Shape:    Spiral 
Comparable Wattage:    150                                             
Watt Style:    Spiral 
Diameter:    60 mm                                                             
Type:    Energy Saving 
Energy Efficient Rating:    A                                            
Voltage:    220-240 V
Length:    160 mm                                                              
Wattage:    30 W

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