Extreme Discounters Bible

Extreme Discounters Bible


Fed up with shelling out half your hard-earned cash just on escalating grocery costs every week? Tired of being squeezed for payments from all directions and feeling like you’re haemorrhaging cash?

Don't delay and buy The 'Extreme Discounters’ Bible download. This is your chance to cut the cost of everything you buy by up to 90%. 

Inside you will find all the tips, tricks, websites and extreme tactics you need to make the shops and supermarkets weep.

Note:  This is a Download Book - postal charges do not apply.

Remember that you have nothing to lose in taking a look at a copy. If you can’t instantly see that it’s going to save you money then we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee!

Discover how to use a combination of coupons, websites and extreme discounting techniques to get everything from baked beans for 5p to champagne for free.

Radical techniques that can get you 20%, 40% and even 90% discounts on everything from your weekly food shop to your bills, your thrills and even your iPhone!

PLUS: How you can even use this fun hobby to bring in an extra £400 a month!

Lucy Cummings brand new download report will show you how you can get bigger discounts on all your big item shopping than you currently think possible…

how you can beat the prices put up on comparison sites for insurance… and how you can easily HALVE the money you’ll ever have to fork out in the supermarkets again.

Get up to a 90% discount on EVERYTHING

In The Extreme Discounters’ Bible you will see:

  • How this Derren Brown style marketing trick could make you spend money like a zombie. Understand what’s happening and save yourself a fortune.
  • The brilliant websites that show you exactly where to shop to get the very best super deals and discounts for every item you’ll ever want to buy at a supermarket. I’ll give you all the addresses and walk you through the techniques and tactics and much more...

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