The Good Gut Guide

The Good Gut Guide

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Yes, I want to set myself free from distressing gut problems and start enjoying all the foods I used to love, once more!

Please rush me all 173 patient-proven, natural remedies in the 408 page book: The Ultimate Good Gut Guide: Natural Solutions for Alleviating Everything from Heartburn and IBS to Crohn’s and Candidiasis so that I can begin repairing my digestive system, help my body properly absorb all the health giving nutrients from my food and flood my whole body with renewed energy and vigour...

As a health-savvy reader, you probably already know that at least 70 per cent of your immune system resides in your gut... which makes good gut health essential for warding off infections and attack from bugs and viruses.

But now, latest research reveals arguably an even more vital protective role...

An international team of researchers, led by Sweden's Karolinksa Institute, have found that your gut can also stop pathogens attacking your precious brain!

The researchers looked at two groups of pregnant mice.

The first group had normal gut bacteria. The second group was devoid of gut bacteria.

The team observed that in the first group's offspring, pathogens were blocked from entering the brain's parenchyma (key elements). But in the second group, the pathogens easily crossed into the brain.

They also discovered that the 'leakiness' of the second group's blood-brain barrier was shown to continue into adulthood... AND it also could be reversed by transplanting normal gut bacteria into the gut.

If there was any better reason to ensure that your gut is in tip-top health, then this surely must be it.

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