Magnesium Starter Pack

Magnesium Starter Pack


Magnesium – Everything you need to the ’60 feel miles better’ challenge

Over 70% of people in the UK are magnesium deficient, take our 60 day challenge and feel the difference or you money back.
The starter pack has everything you need to ensure that you have the magnesium your body needs
It’s well know that lack of magnesium can cause restless leg sundrom and that magnesium helps you sleep better, but ensure you have sufficient magnesium can lead to -

• Less stiffness and pain
• Stronger bones
• More energy
• Better night’s sleep
• Happier mood
• Lower cholesterol
• Stronger, more regular heartbeat

It gives you FIVE different sources of magnesium that you can combine every day to give you the daily recommended amount, effortlessly.

You get 250ml of Magnesium Oil Spray, 200ml of Magnesium Body Lotion, 30 capsules, 250g of Magnesium Salt and 1kg of bath flakes.

Intensive farming methods have stripped vegetables of their nutrients. The magnesium content of vegetables has slumped by 80% since 1950.

We eat too many out-of-season vegetables that are flown half way across the world. These are greatly depleted in nutrients by the time we eat them.

Chlorine is used to treat drinking water, which depletes the natural magnesium content.

Too much salt, coffee and alcohol makes you go to the loo too often, which flushes excessive amounts of magnesium out of your body.

Stress causes the body to produce adrenaline and cortisol, both of which are linked to decreased magnesium levels.

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