Quease EASE Anti Nausea & Motion Sickness Inhaler

Quease EASE Anti Nausea & Motion Sickness Inhaler

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Relief is just a Breath away!

Formulated to calm the QUEASINESS/NAUSEA associated with SURGERY and ANESTHESIA and is also beneficial for soothing MOTION SICKNESS, MORNING SICKNESS and CHEMOTHERAPY related nausea.

QueaseEASE is a drug-free, all natural product consisting of a unique blend of pure essential oils.

The user simply takes a few deep breaths of the aroma for immediate relief.


QueaseEASE is a great product for adults AND children inflicted with MOTION SICKNESS when traveling in a car, boat, train, or airplane. It is GREAT for cruise ship passengers as there are NO side effects - leaving the user to ENJOY their vacation without feeling drowsy or uncomfortable.

QueaseEASE has been used successfully by many moms-to-be for soothing the nausea associated with MORNING SICKNESS. The aromatic blend of essential oils is perfectly safe for pregnant women and can provide immediate relief. Keep it with you all day and use it as soon as those uncomfortable feelings occur.

Originally created for use in the medical environment.  It is a drug-free, all-natural product consisting of a unique blend of essential oils formulated to calm the queasiness associated with SURGERY and ANESTHESIA. 

Wherever you are - Relief is just a breath away!

Proven effective: QueaseEASE has been proven to treat nausea. In a hospital study at Miles Memorial Hospital in Maine, 67% of patients required no further anti-nausea treatment when QueaseEASE was used. A motion sickness study in Hawaii found that 83% of all users believed it worked for their condition!

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