Super Fit Mind Vol 1-3

Super Fit Mind Vol 1-3


The Super-Fit Mind Programme – 7 Easy Steps to Personal Contentment is an interactive programme of seven easy lessons that enables you to explore your own psychology, personality and emotional weaknesses and strengths.

Through dozens of easy exercises and exploratory sessions, this seven-step programme can help you become the strong, happier person you want to be and put an end to problems that are currently holding you back.

138 pages

The Super-fit Mind Programme - 7 Easy Steps to Personal Contentment can help you:

  • Gain greater self-confidence and get the life you want
  • Get rid of negative mind habits and hang-ups and learn the secrets of a happy mind
  • Discover how your upbringing is still affecting you today – and how you can rewrite your own 'script'
  • Stop over-worrying and seize the rest of your life NOW
  • Discover the real reasons why we suffer depression, dissatisfaction and anxiety... and how you can knock it on the head!

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