Natural Food Wisdom Pack

Natural Food Wisdom Pack


Recent news items have begun to uncover the dangerous, disreputable and dirty world of the global food business – and we have seen just how much we have to worry about. 

This package provides you with some easy to read, straight forward and simple information about how to avoid all that is bad and rotten in the world of food.

More than that The Natural Food Wisdom Pack will reveal an easy solution that could help protect your heart, lower your blood pressure, protect your eyesight and ease joint pain... without changing your diet, paying for supplements or spending extra money on faddish 'superfoods'.

In fact, the real remedies are right in front of you, among the vitamin-deficient vegetables and the pricey super foods. You just need to know the secret of where to get them and what to do with them...

What you get in the Natural Food Wisdom Pack;

  • The 'TRUE superfoods' directory – this will tell you how and when to source inexpensive (sometimes even FREE) natural remedies and ingredients. I'll show you which ingredients help which ailments so you can start to get these essentials into your diet.

  • Season to Taste – a series of carefully selected recipes, based on 6 years of research, trial and error, to try out for the next 30 days. This will show you how to add my recommended healing ingredients to your diet in really tasty ways.

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This is the real reason why you need to think about your food.

Right now we can no longer trust the big companies who provide us with our daily diet;

The retailers who choose to see their profits rise from overpriced fat and sugar rich ready meals, rather than making cheap wholesome natural food available to us.

The massive global brands who insist on investing in major advertising campaigns, putting millions of pounds into sponsoring the Olympics or funding political parties rather than tell us where our food comes from... or what they do to it before it gets to our plate.

The shady middle men who trade food items around the globe, casually forgetting that it was horse rather than beef, or that it was sweepings from the butchers floor rather than prime beef – what they never forget is to take a healthy profit from providing us with less than healthy produce.

The major food producing companies who fly food across the globe, chasing major market money... and starving the producers into submission to wreck their local and national economies, forcing them to rape and pillage their natural resources in the name of shareholder returns.

The criminal gangs who pulp up quality failed citrus fruits, discarded skin and peel remains and sweetened water to pretend that they are providing high quality juice concentrates – tricking us into believing that we are taking the healthy option

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