Everyday Superfoods

Everyday Superfoods


The real food medicines that the big health companies and supermarkets don’t want you to know about

A hundred years ago, our food was grown locally using natural fertilisers. Fruit and veg travelled short distances from farm to plate. Certain foods were available only in certain seasons, just as nature intended.

Now supermarket shelves groan with food air-freighted from thousands of miles away. We fly vegetables from the other side of the world so we can eat asparagus in winter. We even import food we already grow here in Britain!

160 pages

In 2010, the Independent newspaper took 10 foods grown in the UK. They found seven major supermarket chains importing these foods from as far away as South America. Asda sold aspargus from Peru, strawberries from Spain and cauliflower from France. Marks & Spencer sold beans from Guatemala and broccoli from Spain.

This is damaging in many ways:

  • The food miles racked up cause havoc to the environment thanks to carbon emissions from plans, ships and trucks
  • Local producers in Britain are being edged out of the market, unable to get their food on the supermarket shelves
  • The time it takes for food to get from the field to the plate depletes the levels of nutrients and the taste of the product

This is crazy. And I want to show you how you can avoid this without paying through the nose for fad foods or buying organic...That’s the reason why I chose to write this book – I wanted to show you how you can use ordinary, everyday and often boring foods to improve your health, save you money and actually deliver really exciting and interesting meals.

As the second part in my Seasonal Diet programme along with the cookbook Season to Taste this 160 page book will detail for you;

The 59 everyday superfoods and why you should eat them, for instance;

The wild berry syrup which was one of the mainstays of traditional English cold cure remedies.
A seed you might chew after a curry which stimulates the bone marrow to produce haemoglobin as well as other vital components of blood.
A member of the onion family can help our bodies in a significant number of ways from helping improve cardiovascular function, improve immune response, provide anti bacterial support, cleanse and detoxify our tissues (helping to eliminate alcohol and nicotine as it happens as well!) and can be used topically to deal with toothache.
A distinctly flavoured root that is good for your circulation and is known to be a treatment for many illnesses characterized by poor circulation, including Reynaud’s syndrome.
The tricks, cons and swindles each food retailer uses to increase their profits form you EVERY time you shop, things like;
The true cost of the Buy One Get One Free offer.
A simple trick that is used to get you to buy really poor quality food.
One of the marketing scams that has recently made front page news.
Why ‘fresh’ food might be older than you think, in fact why it might be so full of chemicals that any notion of it being fresh was lost long ago.

Make sure you take every precaution to protect yourself and your family, and ensure that you are eating the right foods to promote a healthier life.

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