Wind Away Life Plan 90 Capsules for excessive

Wind Away Life Plan 90 Capsules for excessive

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  • Steam activated Charcoal to reduce excessive flatulence.
  • Unlike many other activated charcoal products no chemicals are used in the manufacturing.
  • High strength, each capsule provides 334mg of Activated Charcoal in a vegetarian shell.
  • Suitable for vegans.

90 capsules

There are several factors that can cause flatulence including swallowing air (usually from eating too quickly, smoking and chewing gum). Foods that contain fibres or sugars that are hard to digest, and thus broken down to harmless bacteria in the bowel, can cause gas in your system and flatulence. These include cruciferous vegetables, pluses and fruit, such as cabbage, broccoli, beads, lentils, raisins and prunes.

Also the conditions, gastroenteritis, IBS, lactose intolerance and coeliac disease can cause flatulence.

Steam active charcoal is made by heating charcoal to a high temperature to alter its structure, opening up millions of tiny pores between increases its surface area, allowing it to absorb the unwanted gases that can cause flatulence.

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